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Franchising with Purpose - Season 2, Episode 1

Griswold Home Care Franchise
December 7, 2022

The Franchise Sales Process

Welcome back to Season 2 of our Franchising with Purpose Series.

Our participants today are:

Amanda Lepore, CSA, Griswold Home Care, VP of Learning and Development

Brad Lemen, Owner-Director, Griswold Home Care, South St. Louis

Brian Hill, Griswold Home Care, Franchise Development Manager

Today’s focus will be on the Franchise Sales Process. Brad Lemen discusses his decision to invest in Griswold over the other businesses he considered.

Let’s begin with a question everyone asks themselves when thinking about starting a business:

How do you decide which business is the best one for you to invest in?

Brad did his research and considered a few other business opportunities before deciding to invest in the Griswold franchise.

The story of Jean Griswold, our founder, and her desire to help people remain in their homes despite their disabilities or medical challenges, drew Brad into the Griswold family of franchise owners. He supports and believes in our mission statement.

How did the Griswold support team compare to other businesses you were considering and what was the deciding factor in choosing Griswold?

One of the biggest factors when choosing Griswold is the support and assistance Griswold provides new franchise owners. As Brad said, “I didn’t have to re-invent the wheel.”

 Everything you need to be successful is laid out with a plan that is already in place and set up for the new franchisee. Griswold offers ongoing support and training to assure success as new owners build and expand their business.

What kind of training does Griswold provide for new owners?

Griswold provides in-person training which includes all the aspects involved in running a home care business. The step-by-step process is easy to understand, and the support team is always available to troubleshoot and answer questions.

Let’s switch gears and ask Brian, our Franchise Development Manager a few questions.

Why should an entrepreneur like Brad open a Griswold franchise?

One thing that’s appealing to new franchise prospects is that you don’t have to be a millionaire to open a successful Griswold franchise.

You can get started with an investment of $100,000- $150,000.

You don’t have to purchase a lot of real estate or have a lot of office space.

Home Care is a growing industry. As people age, many of them are choosing to stay in their homes with support. With this trending movement, you can be assured you will have more consumers to serve today than you had yesterday.

The exit strategy, should you decide to leave the business, whether it be in 5 years,10 years, or beyond is not difficult with a Griswold franchise. You are building a valuable and desirable business. Many people wishing to get into a business of their own like the idea of one that is already established and profitable.

Lots of room for growth exists with a Griswold franchise. It is easy to expand your territories if you decide to pursue that option.  

Despite the misconception that there are too many home care agencies out there, it is not a crowded market. The need for home care is on the rise and there are more prospective consumers than there are agencies to serve them.

What about the validation process? How does talking to other established franchisees help you make your final decision to move forward?

Talking to other franchisees is a huge factor when it comes to learning about how the system works. Prospective franchisees can get the answers to the following questions:

Where do your caregivers come from?

How do you attract clients?

What were the major obstacles you encountered?

Where will I be in one year?

How soon should I expect to be profitable?

What would you do differently?

The opportunity to ask the difficult questions regarding profits, money to be made, and personal motivation in opening a Griswold Franchise can be discussed when talking with other franchise owners.

A strong desire to help others is the common motivation that we see in our franchisees.

As far as the sales process goes. If our franchisees aren’t successful, we are not successful, so the Griswold Home Care support team does anything possible to assure success for all our franchisees.

One of the things Brad appreciates the most as a franchise owner is that most systems are already in place and ready to go. The new franchisee can concentrate on building his business rather than researching and setting up systems.

The support and training offered by the Griswold Administrative Team, the successful business model, the reasonable investment cost, and the camaraderie with other franchise owners makes Griswold Home Care a great choice for anyone with a caring heart and the desire to own a growing, successful business.

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See you next time!

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