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Griswold Franchise Training Programs Are Part of the Support You Can Look Forward to as Our Franchisee

Griswold Home Care Franchise
October 5, 2022
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One of the most exciting aspects of a Griswold Home Care investment is that it comes with plenty of franchise support and training. What does that mean to you?

It means you can join our robust and important industry with no prior experience in it! The Griswold franchise training program will bring you up to speed on everything you’ll need to know to own and operate your home health care franchise smoothly and profitably.

Keep reading to learn more about how you’ll benefit from our comprehensive training and ongoing support as a Griswold Home Care franchisee.

Our Pre-Opening Home Care Franchise Training Program

We know how important a place your Griswold home care franchise will occupy in your community once it’s open, delivering boutique-level care with a comprehensive suite of services that seniors and their families will depend on. That’s why we pay very close attention to your pre-opening training. Through a combination of self-guided learning and on-site training at our corporate headquarters, you’ll learn all about:

·      How to leverage our proven business model

·      How to find, hire, and manage qualified staff

·      How to reach your best clients

·      How to market your franchise

·      How to set growth goals

·      And much more!

We’ll also bring you up to speed on state and local compliance, licensing, insurance, and more. In total, you can look forward to a minimum of 12 weeks of comprehensive training that’s tailored specifically to leverage your strengths, address your questions, and prepare you for success.

Support for the Life of Your Senior Home Care Franchise

It’s not enough to get you ready to serve your community; we’ll make sure you have continued access to training programs that keep you current and ongoing support that allows you to grow your bottom line.

You can look forward to regular webinars on trending topics and our annual national conference that gives Griswold franchisees the opportunity to learn from industry experts and thought leaders. You’ll also have access to a nationwide forum to exchange ideas, opportunities, and success stories with other Griswold Home Care franchisees. 

And when it comes to reaching your best clients, you can count on our expertise there, too. You’ll have access to localized marketing materials that can be edited to meet your needs, with help from our in-house graphic designers if needed.

Furthermore, our corporate marketing experts are always busy developing national and regional campaigns to keep the Griswold Home Care name front and center, so your best customer will always know who to turn to!

The support Griswold offers our in-home care franchisees is meant to prepare you to take full advantage of our recession-resistant industry. To find out more, reach out today!

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