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Griswold Home Care Franchise is the Company of Choice for Caregivers

Griswold Home Care Franchise
October 10, 2017
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The sterling reputation of the nation’s first home care franchise makes it easier for franchisees to hire and retain the best caregivers in their area

Ask anyone working in a home care franchise and they will tell you that the hardest aspect of their business is finding caregivers to meet the needs of their customers. The truth is that there is a shortage of caregivers which is becoming a challenge for the majority of brands in the home care segment. While other franchise brands struggle with recruitment, Griswold stands out as a brand with a long history of treating caregivers with dignity and respect, making it easier for our franchisees to hire and retain caregivers in their communities.

The caregiver shortage is real. AARP reports that by 2030, 20 percent of the population will be aged 65 and older, and 10,000 people are turning 65 every single day in America. The same publication reports that 96 percent of seniors want to age in place and 80 percent believe that their current home is where they will always live. This has created a shortage of caregivers in the market, with 77 percent of all homecare brands reporting that the lack of caregivers is a threat to their business, according to the Home Care Benchmarking Study for 2017.

Griswold is unique in the home care industry because recruiting and retaining the best caregivers in the communities that we serve is built into our DNA. Our legendary founder, Jean Griswold, believed that caregiving profession should be dignified and respected. These aren’t merely platitudes, as Griswold seeks to pay our caregivers above the industry average and our culture seeks to celebrate our caregivers for their hard work. As a result, Griswold has some of the longest tenured caregivers in the entire industry.

“Jean believed that caregivers should be well-compensated for their work and be given the tools and the ongoing emotional support they need to succeed,” Matt says. “We know that our reputation is built on the exceptional level of care that our caregivers provide, and we do everything we can to honor the extraordinary work our caregivers do on a regular basis. Griswold has long been the preferred brand for caregivers, and we’re making sure that caregivers will be happy working for Griswold well into the future.”

In 2017, we launched the ‘Heart of Gold’ award to celebrate the most exemplary caregivers in our system. This year’s winner, Allegra Chaney, has spent her entire career as a caregiver with Griswold – an astonishing 35 years!

“I’ve been with Griswold since the very beginning of the company,” Allegra says. “Their mission of providing exceptional care is one that continues to resonate with me. Our founder, Jean, was my mentor in many ways, and she was most passionate about the work that caregivers do. She believed that caregiving should be respected and dignified, as it’s tough work that not many people can do. Griswold remains a great company to work for because more than other brand, they celebrate the work that caregivers do.”

While Griswold’s sterling reputation is well-known amongst caregivers, Griswold never cuts corners on the caregivers we hire – choosing only to hire the most experienced and most compassionate caregivers in the communities we serve. Griswold has established a rigorous screening process based on the rule of our founder: Would I trust this person to take care of a family member in my house?

“The wonderful thing about being in this business for 35 years is that we have solid processes in place to recruit the best home care professionals and make us the company of choice,” Matt says. “This gives our franchisees a tremendous benefit, as they can focus on growing their business in their communities, networking with third-party vendors, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations that focus on helping seniors, and building a referral base that will carry them through the first few years of their business. Once they are established, word-of-mouth becomes the best way to win new customers. Our excellent reputation speaks volumes to seniors and their families who need to hire a company they can trust.”

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