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Season 2 Episode 2 of Franchising with Purpose

Griswold Home Care Franchise
December 14, 2022

Today’s focus will be on Launching Your New Home Care Business, the training you will receive to help you get started and the ongoing support you will receive as you move forward.

Let’s begin with some questions for Greg, one of our franchise owners.

Can you tell us what your launch process looked like and how the Griswold team helped you with that process?

Griswold has a well-developed process, strategy, and blueprint to assist new owners in launching their business. This is especially helpful for owners who do not have a healthcare background. Learning about the healthcare industry and what is involved in caring for clients has been very helpful.

Can you discuss some of the training and resources you received as you began the launch process, and how did they help you?

The training included how to care for people and what CNAs do as they provide care for clients. I was encouraged to take the CSA (Certified Senior Advisor) course, and I was glad I participated in that program. I was coached in putting my business plan together. The training gave me the tools I needed to talk to a client with confidence.

There is a very logical progression that outlines where to begin when developing your operating plan.

Griswold provided me with everything I needed to launch a successful home care business.

You are in a state that requires a license. Can you tell us how Griswold assisted you in the application process and the acquisition of that license?

I’m not the only Griswold franchisee in Texas, so Griswold already had a process in place to help new owners apply for and attain the required license. They guided me through filling out the required documents, compiling manuals, and meeting all the requirements for licensure in the state of Texas.

After all the training and licensure requirements were completed, how well-prepared do you feel you were to open the doors to your business?

I was very well-prepared. Upon the completion of my training, I felt I knew more about home health care than the clients or their families. I felt equipped to answer their questions, guide their decisions and I knew I could place the caregiver in the home that could best meet their needs.

Now we are going to switch it over to Steve.

Let’s begin by asking how is the Griswold launch process different from other franchise businesses?

I’ll start by saying our launch process is built for both people who have been in the healthcare business and those who haven’t. We have owners who are lawyers, CPAs, realtors, or even some who have come from the oil and gas industry, but our launch process makes it easy to transition into the healthcare industry while utilizing the skills you have acquired in your former career paths.

We have a staff member on the Griswold Home team who is designated to help new franchisees launch their business and get it opened. That person’s job is to ensure you will get through the process as quickly and effectively as possible.

When does the Home Team support end?

Once the business is launched, we will confer with you a minimum of once per week. We may need to talk more than that, but we will reach out at least once a week while you get settled into your business.

After you get your business opened, we will continue with that weekly call for at least a year. We will answer questions and assist with ideas for hiring caregivers, finding clients and any other issues you may run into as you grow your business. After that we will still touch base with you at least once a month.

We assign a support person to each franchisee who is available to answer questions as they arise going forward. Other Griswold owners are also invaluable resources. We’ve created a climate that promotes teamwork and friendship among our owners, which helps everyone succeed.

In closing, we would like our new owners to know the support given to them will be efficient, friendly, team-oriented, and ongoing.

Amanda said it best when she said, “You will be working for yourself, but never by yourself.”

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See you next time!

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