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What Is an FDD and Why Is It Important to the Process of Opening a Home Care Franchise with Us?

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December 16, 2022
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Becoming part of the Griswold Home Care brand is an exciting process that involves a number of informative steps. One of the most important is setting aside time to review our Franchise Disclosure Document or FDD.

What is an FDD? It’s a comprehensive document that goes over every aspect of a franchise investment, from whom the key brand players are to what kind of training you can look forward to. All franchisors are required to provide their FDD to serious prospective investors because it’s important that they’re as well-informed as possible.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at the role an FDD plays in opening a home care franchise with Griswold and some of the topics it discusses.

The Brand History

An FDD contains a lot of information about a brand, including when it was formed, who its parent company is, any affiliates it may have, and so forth. It also lays out who its C-suite leaders are, as well as those individuals below them, and what experience they have that makes them good fits for the brand. Knowing who makes up our corporate team will help you appreciate what we bring to a Griswold senior care franchise investment and how our vision and commitment have helped establish us as industry leaders.

What’s Expected of You

Starting a home care franchise with Griswold is a great way to be in business for yourself but not by yourself. You’ll have the opportunity to make fundamental decisions on your own as you grow your business while also enjoying the security that comes with being part of something established.

Sticking to our business model, relying on our proprietary materials, and integrating into our brand culture is important because it assures consistency and allows all our franchise owners to succeed, not just as entrepreneurs but as ambassadors of the Griswold brand.

What’s Expected of Us

We take the franchisee/franchisor relationship seriously, so some of the most important information our FDD contains is what to expect from us as your corporate partner. Our FDD spells out exactly what our responsibilities are to you.

Among other things, it outlines what kind of training and support you’ll receive, as well as what marketing and operational resources you can expect as you establish and grow your franchise.

The franchisee/franchisor relationship is a true partnership — one that’s critical to the success of the Griswold brand — and our FDD reiterates that!

What Your Home Care Business Investment Looks Like

Most potential franchisees are grateful for all the information contained in an FDD, but what many of them are most interested in is the cost of investing in a brand. Our FDD clearly lays out what opening a senior home care franchise with Griswold costs.

You’ll learn what to expect regarding initial fees, including the franchise fee and what your total initial investment will look like. You also learn more about any ongoing fees you’ll be responsible for, such as monthly royalty and marketing fees.

In order to have a complete understanding of a franchise opportunity, it’s important you have a clear sense of the financial expectations. Our FDD provides that.

Take Your Time to Review

Be sure to set aside plenty of time to review any FDD. It contains a lot of validated information that’ll help you make an educated decision about your investment. Often, our potential franchisees go over our FDD with their attorneys, and beyond that, one of our franchise experts will be on hand to review the FDD item by item to make sure you understand and to answer any questions you might have.  

To find out more about what a Franchise Disclosure Document is and why it’s so important to Griswold's senior home care franchise process, reach out today!

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