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What to Look For in a Home Care Franchise

Griswold Home Care Franchise
March 17, 2022
Home care business - Franchising with Purpose

In episode 3 of Franchising with Purpose, Steven Turner, Chief Operations Officer of Griswold Home Care welcomes Brandon Harrison and Viking Dietrich, Griswold Franchise Owners in West Houston, TX, as they discuss why they chose a Griswold Home Care franchise and offer some start-up tips when beginning your own business.

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Franchising with Purpose
What Should I look for in a Franchise? (feat. Brandon Harrison, Viking Dietrich, and Steve Turner)

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What made you pick the home care industry when vetting different franchise options?

When looking at franchise options, there are many to choose from, but home care is the one franchise opportunity that can impact and change people’s lives. That is very appealing if you’re looking for an industry that will not only grow because the need is there but also give clients the chance to remain in their own homes despite their age or disability. Serving the community in this way is the primary focus of home care.

What makes Griswold Home Care stand out from other home care brands?

When shopping for other home care franchise opportunities, Griswold stands above the rest because we provide opportunities to potential franchise owners to become exemplary employers with the Griswold business model.

With corporate support, franchise owners are able to promote and celebrate their staff and especially their caregivers. Caregivers are the backbone of our business and the face of our business in each community. Griswold focuses on helping and mentoring them to excel in what they do, and rewards them for their dedication to the profession and the company.

How involved should a new franchisee be with the business?

Here are some key points to consider as a new franchisee.

  • Begin as an owner/operator and learn every aspect of the business.
  • Recruiting staff and clients, day-to-day operations, building relationships in the community, marketing, payroll, and every other facet of the business should be the focus of the new franchisee in the beginning stages.
  • It is imperative to know how the business works and what is expected of the staff before delegating responsibilities to others.

How important is the “why” in the decision-making process for choosing a home care franchise?

This is probably the most important question to ask yourself.

You must have a passion for helping people in the community and a desire to have a positive influence on your clients and their families.

You should have a desire to be a great employer. This will impact the community as word gets around about how satisfied your employees are with their job and with the Griswold company.

What is the startup investment of a home care business?

The startup process is straightforward. The main components of the initial investment are listed here.

  • The Franchise Fee is currently $49,500.
  • Working Capital is based upon what it takes to set up your business. This would include locating office space, purchasing office furniture and filing cabinets for storing client and staff records, and setting up phone and computer systems.
  • State Licensing Fees vary by state. Find out if your state requires a state license to operate a home care business. The exact requirements and fees for the license will be different from state to state.

It is not complicated at all-there is no medical equipment, there is no inventory to buy.

How did you obtain your home care license?

It was a very uncomplicated and transparent process with help from Griswold Home Care's Corporate Office. Their compliance department is helpful and will provide operation manuals and all the information needed to open your business. They have the information you need for your state and will help you obtain whatever is necessary to satisfy the state regulatory requirements.

“Another selling point for us was the collaboration that you get from the other owners in your area.”


What are some of the personal characteristics needed to open a home care franchise?

  • You must have the heart for the business. It’s hard work, but if your heart is in it, you receive rewards every day for the service you provide to people who need it most.
  • You should have the desire to grow, and to do that, you must also have the desire to work hard to achieve your goals.
  • Last, but not least, you should admit that you don’t know everything, and be willing to learn and be flexible as you build your business and make it your own.
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