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Why a Former Franchise Consultant Bought a Griswold Home Care Franchise

Griswold Home Care Franchise
October 13, 2017

Scottsdale franchise consultant saw tremendous potential and high standards of care offered by Griswold.

Scott Savel Buys a Griswold Home Care Franchise.

Scott Savel helped connect hundreds of entrepreneurs with the right opportunities during his former career as a franchise consultant, so he had very high standards when it came to choosing his franchise investment. He knew he’d found that stand-out opportunity with Griswold.

Since launching his first location in Scottsdale, Arizona 8 years ago, he has established 4 Griswold Home Care offices with 5 office staff members and 100 caregivers. But the growth outcomes weren’t what attracted Scott to our legacy brand. It was Griswold’s commitment to an exceptional level of care.

“I looked at 10 brands in the home care space. When I called them, these companies would tell me how high the margins were and how much money I could make,” Scott says. “When I got on the phone with Griswold, it was immediately different. They talked about how important the quality of the care was for seniors. It wasn’t until the third or fourth conversation that they even mentioned anything about money. They believe that the money follows, if you’re providing an exceptional level of care, and I completely agree.”

A former franchise consultant with Matchpoint Network, Scott helped many entrepreneurs find the right investments, working with more than 100 companies through the years. This insight gave Scott real-world knowledge of what works, and what doesn’t, in franchising. When it came time to invest in his franchise, he saw a winning formula with Griswold—a well-established and stable business, with an authentic story, in a booming industry.

“When I was ready to open my own business, I was looking for something that wasn’t going to change overnight. It was a huge advantage to have this funny name—we didn’t whistle the same tune as the rest of our competitors. When people heard why we were called Griswold, they were hooked,” Scott says. “We are authentic—our name is the name of our founder. She started the entire home care industry. Our legacy of exceptional care helps us win business.”

With the United States senior population continuing to grow (AARP reports that by 2030, 20% of the population will be 65 and older), there always will be a need for Griswold’s services. “When I was doing franchise consulting, it was common in every industry for people to wonder if jobs were going to go overseas. I looked at this business and knew that this was going to stay the same. It takes a human being.”

Scott is excited about his Griswold franchise’s growth potential and is proud of the care his employees provide. “We’re doing a great service. I’m adamant that people choose us because we are going to provide excellent care.”

Ready to learn more about Griswold Home Care franchise opportunities? Learn more about our successful business model by visiting our franchise recruitment website. To request information, download our free franchise report.

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