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Griswold’s Veteran Franchise Opportunities Honor Those Who Served

At Griswold Home Care, we recognize the sacrifice that Veterans have made, and in honor of their service, we offer accessible Veteran franchise opportunities to help those who served to achieve their goal of business ownership. We aim to make transitioning to civilian life easier, as we believe that Veterans possess unique qualities that can make them exceptional entrepreneurs, such as their unwavering dedication, leadership, and teamwork skills.
Veteran Franchise Opportunities
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Exclusive Discount on Your First Veteran Franchise Fee

We extend a special gesture of appreciation to honorably discharged Veterans considering franchise ownership with us. Veterans are eligible for an exclusive 20% discount on their first franchise fee, making business ownership more affordable and attainable. It's our privilege to support Veterans as they embark on their new chapters, and we salute them for continuing to contribute to their communities.

Streamlined Success - Partnering with ParadigmVA for Billing

Griswold is deeply committed to supporting Veterans on their entrepreneurial journeys. We’re also dedicated to serving the broader Veteran community in need of home care services. In regions where Vet services are accessible to providers, we encourage all Griswold owners to contribute to the well-being of our Veteran population.

In pursuit of our commitment to empowering those who served, we’ve forged a strategic collaboration with ParadigmVA to streamline the credentialing and billing processes. Our goal is to establish a seamless and efficient financial system that allows Veterans to concentrate on building their businesses with confidence. Our partnership with ParadigmVA is a testament to our unwavering dedication to simplifying the path to success for Veteran franchise owners.

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Wearing the VA Provider Badge Proudly

Our commitment to Veterans extends beyond franchising; we proudly serve Veterans who may require specialized care. The VA Provider Badge, issued by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), is a prestigious designation for healthcare providers or facilities that meet specific criteria for serving Veterans. Griswold has earned this badge by consistently meeting and exceeding the standards set by the VA, signifying our dedication to providing exceptional care for Veterans, both as clients and as potential franchisees. This badge is a symbol of trust, acknowledging our ongoing commitment to upholding the highest standards of service, just as Veterans have done during their military service.

Saluting Heroes - Griswold's Annual Veterans Day Tribute

Beyond business, Griswold takes pride in saluting our Veterans. Veterans Day is a special occasion for us to reflect on the sacrifices, courage, and service of our heroes. We extend our deepest gratitude to all Veterans, acknowledging their dedication to protecting our nation. Join us in our annual Veterans Day celebration as we honor these heroes and express our appreciation for their contributions.

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Celebrating Veterans Day

As we stand alongside Veterans in their pursuit of entrepreneurship, Griswold remains committed to providing the support and opportunities needed to transform military skills into successful Veteran franchises.
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