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Griswold Home Care helps grandparents live at home in comfort.

Why Own a Griswold Home Care Franchise?

Griswold Home Care launched an industry and continues to set the standard for care and compassion.

Griswold is not only one of the first companies in the United States to offer in-home care to seniors and other adults with disabilities, illnesses, or injuries; we are the gold standard when it comes to delivering what care should be. We believe care can be a life-changing, compassionate experience for families in need.

Jean Griswold founded the company in 1982, motivated to help aging members of the Philadelphia church she attended. From a compassionate startup using seminary students to help the elderly, Griswold grew into a well-respected national franchise system with hundreds of locations. For Griswold franchisees, franchise ownership is not just a potentially lucrative business; it is the opportunity to fulfill a calling—to dedicate your life to serving people in your community who need your help the most.

“Jean Griswold is truly the inventor of the American non-medical home care franchise industry, and her legacy is what we and our franchisees aspire to live up to on a daily basis,” says Matt Murphy, CEO of Griswold Home Care. “Our funny-sounding name is far different from the brands that were designed in a lab to capitalize on the growing demand for senior home care. While they may be great brands, Griswold remains true to our guiding principle: provide the best possible home care to seniors and other adults with disabilities, illnesses, or injuries; provide comfort, joy, and peace of mind to our clients; and provide our franchisees with a business model that gives them the opportunity to realize their own dreams. That is the essence of our Griswoldness, and why we’ve been successful for so many years, and why we’re going to continue to grow well into the future.”

The demand for exceptional home care for seniors and adults with illnesses, disabilities, and injuries is going to continue for decades.

The Atlantic recently published an article by Alana Semuels titled, “Who Will Care for America’s Seniors?” that speaks to the enormous present and future demand for senior home care services in the U.S.

“Nearly 90 percent of seniors want to stay in their own homes as they age, according to AARP,” Alana Semuels states. “Sometimes, it’s not a choice: Government programs such as Medicaid, in an effort to save money, are shifting spending away from institutional settings toward home and community-based care. At the same time, the number of seniors is growing. In 2010, one-sixth of the adult United States population was older than 65; by 2030, about one-fourth will be.”

The future of in-home care is clear: for millions of people in the decades ahead, more care will happen in the home. This is where Griswold truly excels. We provide excellent, non-medical home care to a wide variety of seniors, other adults with disabilities, and those recovering from illnesses and injuries. People of all ages are simply more comfortable receiving care in their homes, and the medical industry sees the value in lower-cost home care that often provides a better end result.

While other companies may struggle to find exceptional home care workers, Griswold franchisees are able to recruit and retain some of the best caregivers in their areas. Caregivers are well compensated, and our rigorous screening processes pass the Jean Griswold test: Would I trust this person to take care of a family member in my house? 

“The wonderful thing about being in this business for 35 years is that we have solid processes in place to recruit the best home care professionals and make us the company of choice,” Matt says. “This gives our franchisees a tremendous benefit, as they can focus on growing their business in their communities, networking with third-party vendors, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations that focus on helping seniors, and building a referral base that will carry them through the first few years of their business. Once they are established, word-of-mouth becomes the best way to win new customers. Our excellent reputation speaks volumes to seniors and their families who need to hire a company they can trust.”

Griswold, and many of our franchisees, have been successful for decades.

Long before non-medical home care grew into a massive $89 billion annual industry, we started out helping people in Philadelphia live out their aging years with dignity, comfort, and happiness.

Today, Griswold has some of the longest-tenured and most successful franchisees in the industry, and, most importantly, our franchisees think highly of our brand. We’re proud to say that we work hard to foster great relationships with our franchisees. We work alongside our franchise network to develop new initiatives, listen to their needs, and seek to provide all the tools they need to grow their businesses. Our franchise owners voted for us to win the 2017  American Association of Franchisees and Dealers Franchisor of the Year Award. That distinction speaks to how strong our relationship is with our franchisees and how passionate they are about our brand and the businesses they own.

“This business has been the biggest blessing of my entire life,” says Cathy Howard, owner of the Griswold franchise in Fairfield, Connecticut since 1990. “The truth is, no matter how big I’ve grown it—and we’ve done tremendously well—it will never be big enough because there are so many people who need us. Every client, every story, is meaningful and makes a deep impression on me. This business has given me so much more than I can ever return, and Jean Griswold is worthy of all the praise that we give her. When I met her, she was in a wheelchair, suffering from MS, and she entrusted this business to me. I try to live up to her every single day.”

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